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Thinking about Newton's constant (G) in space. [Jan '16]
Paper on hydrogen gas clouds toward "invisible" black holes. [Feb '16]
Impostors! How to find hydroxyl masers in hydrogen surveys. [Mar '16]
National Academies Committee on Astronomy and Astrophysics [Apr '16]
Colloquium at West Virginia U. [Apr '16]
Working out the motions expected in large scale structure. [May '16]
Press on a new way to measure black hole masses with ALMA. [May '16]
    The paper and the methods paper.
Press on a massive black hole shed of its galaxy. [June '16]
    Here's the paper.
Working on VLA observations of water near black holes. [June '16]
More on water masers in the Andromeda Galaxy: [June '16]
    We didn't find any new masers.
    Were do the masers arise?
"Data poisoning" in progress, thanks to ALMA. [Jul '16]
    We are searching for the host of a mysterious signal...
Speaking at the Kavli RMS Science Futures meeting. [Aug '16]
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