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Theodore P. Snow

Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy
University of Colorado
389 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0389

Teaching Interests:

  • ASTR 2020-001 Intro to Space Astronomy (Fall 2009)
  • ASTR 1110-001 General Astronomy: The Solar System (Spring 2009)
  • ASTR 2020 Intro to Space Astronomy (Fall 2008)
  • ASTR 4010 Astrophysics Research Seminar (Spring 2008)
  • ASTR 2020 Intro to Space Astronomy (Fall 2007)
  • ASTR 4010 Astrophysics Research Seminar (Spring 2007)
  • ASTR 1040-010 Accelerated Astronomy 2 (Spring 2003)
  • Emphasis on undergraduate courses, ranging from introductory level general astronomy to upper-division astrophysics.
  • Development of multimedia and Internet applications for teaching, including in-class presentations and WWW resources.
  • Writing of textbooks for physical sciences, especially introductory astronomy. New book coming out in january, 1997: Universe: Origin and Evolution, by Snow and Brownsberger (Wadsworth)

See Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Course Description for more information on undergraduate courses.

Research Interests:

  • Observational studies of the chemistry and physics of the diffuse interstellar medium.
  • Analysis of the interaction between gas and dust, as indicated by depletion studies (optical and UV) and by infrared solid-state absorption features.
  • Studies of interstellar dust extinction.
  • Observational and laboratory research on the diffuse interstellar bands.
  • Ground-based and space-based spectroscopy, in the UV, visible, and infrared wavelength bands.

    See APS Faculty Research Interests for additional research interest information. Scroll down to Dr. Snow's individual listing.

Recent Publications (2007 - 2009):

  • Martinez, O., Yang, Z., Betts, N., Snow, T., and Bierbaum, V. 2009, "Experimental Determination of the Rate Constant for the Associative Detachment Reaction H- + H \longrightarrow H2 + e- at 300 K", Ap.J.Lett., 705, L172-175.

  • Hobbs, L., York, D., Thorburn, J., Snow, T., Bishof, M., Friedman, S., Mc Call, B., Oka, T., Rachford, B., Sonnentrucker, P., and Welty, D. 2009, "Studies of the Diffuse Interstellar Bands. III. HD 183143", Ap.J., 705, 32-45.

  • Le Page, V., Snow, Theodore P., and Bierbaum, V. 2009, "Molecular Hydrogen Formation Catalyzed by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Interstellar Medium", Ap.J., 704, 274-280.

  • Rachford, B., (Snow, T.), Destree, J., Ross, T., et al. 2009, "Molecular Hydrogen in the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Translucent Lines of Sight: The Full Sample," Ap.J.Suppl., 180, 125-137.

  • Destree, J., (Snow, T.), and Black, J. 2009, "An Ultraviolet Search for Interstellar CS," Ap.J., 693, 804-811.

  • Destree, J. and (Snow, T.) 2009, "Unidentified Features in the Ultraviolet Spectrum of X Per," Ap.J., 697, 684-692.

  • Snow, T., Ross, T., Destree, J., Drosback, M., Jensen, A., Rachford, B., Sonnentrucker, P., and Ferlet, R. 2008, "A New FUSE Survey of Interstellar HD," Ap.J., 688, 1124-1136.

  • Snow, T., Destree, J., and Welty, D. 2008, "A Study of the ρ Oph Cloud: Mapping the Distribution and the Motions of Interstellar Gas,” Ap.J., 679, 512-530.

  • Martinez, O., Betts, N., Villano, S., Eyet, N., (Snow, T.), and Bierbaum, V. 2008, " Gas Phase Study of C+ Reactions of Interstellar Relevance," Ap.J., 686, 1486-1492.

  • Ross, T., Baker, Emily, J., (Snow, T.), Destree, J., Rachford, B., Drosback, M., and Jensen, A. 2008, "The Search for H- in Astrophysical Environments," Ap.J., 684, 358-363.

  • Hobbs, L., York, D., (Snow, T.), et al. 2008, "A Catalog of Diffuse Interstellar Bands in the Spectrum of HD 204827," Ap.J., 680, 1256-1270.

  • York, D., (Snow, T.), et al. 2008, “The Relationship of the Diffuse Interstellar Bands to Atomic and Molecular Hydrogen,” Ap.J., 664, 909-914.

  • Lawton, B. et al., (Snow, T.), et al. 2008, "Limits on Reddening and Gas-to-Dust Ratios for Seven Intermediate Redshift Damped Lya Absorbers from Diffuse Interstellar Bands," A.J., 136, 994-1012.

  • Snow, T., Destree, J., and Jensen, A. 2007, “The Abundance of Interstellar Fluorine and Its Implications”, Ap.J., 655, 285-298.

  • Vaidya, D., Gupta, R., and (Snow, T.) 2007, “Composite Interstellar Grains,” MNRAS, 379, 791-800.

  • Eichelberger, B., Barckholtz, C., (Snow, T.), and Bierbaum, V. 2007, “Reactions of H, N, and O Atoms with Carbon Chain Anions of Interstellar Interest: An Experimental Study,” Ap.J., 667, 1283-1289.

  • Jensen, A., Rachford, B., and Snow, T. 2007, “Is There Enhanced Depletion of Gas-Phase Nitrogen in Moderately Reddened Lines of Sight?,” Ap.J., 654, 955-970.

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