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FUSE Thermal Vacuum Chamber

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Thermal-Vacuum  Chamber


Inside view of thermal vacuum chamber.  The clean tent 
is not shown.  The bakeout box is shown 
with its door open.  This chamber is used for 
bakeouts and certification of GSE and flight 
hardware.  The chamber is also used for thermal 
cycling of flight components. 


Thermal-Vacuum Chamber Features:
  • 48" D x 52" L cylindrical vacuum chamber 
    • 42"D x 34"L clear inside dimensions
    •  Total workspace volume 27 ft3
  • Internal shroud, including door and rear wall
  • 2' x 2' x 2' enclosed bakeout box
    • Thermofoil heaters on each side
    • Aluminized mylar insulated
  • LN2 filled scavenger plate
  • TQCM monitoring
  • RGA monitoring
  •  Thermocouples and readout system for monitoring of items under test
  • Class 10,000 clean tent over entrance to chamber
  • Connected to building GN2
  • Many ports for electrical and fluid feedthroughs
  • LN2 dewar manifold system
  •  System is used for multiple operations:
    • Vacuum bakeouts of hardware
    • Certification of hardware
    • Thermal cycling tests of flight hardware