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FUSE Cleanroom

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    A class 1000, horizontal flow, cleanroom fabricated on-site by LEPCO, Inc to control particulate and molecular contamination.  Built with low-outgassing materials and an active charcoal filtration system with a sidewall return air plenum.  Constructed in mid-1996; completed in five months. 
Cleanroom Features:
  • Class 1000 
    • average at rest reading: 25
    • average moderate use: 100
  • Horizontal, laminar flow
  • 40' x 20' open area
  • 12' x 12' class 10,000 gowning room
  • Sidewall plenum
  • All low-outgassing materials with inline molecular filtration
    • witness plate monitoring of NVR
    • measured NVR rate of .20 mg/sq ft
  • Temperature and humidity controlled
  • Dual action fire protection system
    • System is dry until both smoke and heat detected.  No accidental discharge of water
  • Flowing GN2 dessicator cabinets
  • 2-way hands free communication
  • Cleanroom wall sealed to wall of vacuum chamber
  • Passive voice pass-through
  • Building GN2 outlets
  • 1 ton 3 axis Bridge crane
  • 2 ton Del-Mar hydraset