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"Square Tank" Optics Calibration Facility


Rectangular vacuum chamber with integrated optics mount 
base plate. Used for the efficiency testing of prototype and
flight gratings.  Easily reconfigurable for UV reflectivity
studies, grating efficiency testing, and imaging testing. 

Square Tank Features:
  • 6' x 4' x 2' vacuum chamber
    • 30"D x 30"L add-on chamber
    • 10" Cryopump and gate valve
    • Rough pump with catalytic foreline trap
  • Pumpdown times: 
    • rough vacuum          45 minutes 
    • to 1x 10-6 Torr        2-3 hours 
  • Ultimate pressure:  mid 10-7 Torr
  • TQCM Contamination Monitor
  • Vacuum rated manipulation stages with IEEE488 control
  • Housed in class 1000 cleantent with small gowning tent attached
  • EUV/FUV flowing gas discharge light sources provide atomic and molecular spectra
  • McPherson 247 monochromator provides light from 44 to 2400 angstroms
  • NIST calibrated FUV diode
  •  Microchannel plate detectors
    • Imaging photon counting detectors 
    • With 70 micron and 20 micron image resolution
    • PC based data-acquisition system
  • System is used for the following tests:
    • Reflectivity measurements of GSE and Flight optics
    • Reflectivity and scatter measurements of candidate flight materials
    • Efficiency measurements of prototype and flight gratings
    • Imaging tests of prototype and flight optics
    • Calibration and testing of light sources
    • Calibration and testing of GSE and prototype detectors