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Grading will be based on the best 5 of 6 Problem Sets, the best 4 of 6 Quizzes, attendance at one Observing Night, and the Final exam. Here is the relation between numerical and letter grade:

Problem Sets

There will be 6 problem sets, roughly every two weeks, as listed in the Timetable. Only the best 5 will count to your grade, so you can tube one without penalty.

You are welcome to collaborate on Problem Sets, but you should complete your own answers.


There will be 6 ten-minute multiple-choice quizzes, roughly every two weeks, as listed in the Timetable. Each quiz will test material covered in the previous 2/3 weeks.

Each quiz will take place during the first 10 minutes of class. We will go through the answers immediately following the quiz.

There will be no make-up quizzes. Since only 4 out of 6 quizzes count to your grade, you can miss two quizzes without penalty.

Observing Nights

The Sommers Bausch Observatory (SBO) has been reserved for the exclusive use of the ASTR 1120 classes at the dates and times in the table below.

To get your 5% grade, you should turn up, sign in, and follow the TA's instructions on at least one observing night. You are welcome to turn up more than once.

Before turning up, look at the sky. SBO will be open only if the sky is clear or at least partially clear. Remember that Colorado is famous for skiing, not for astronomical observing, and that skies tend to get worse later in the semester. Do not procrastinate, for the heavens may not smile upon you.


The Final exam will cover everything in the course. It will be mostly multiple choice, with some short answer questions.

Fiske Planetarium

CU's Fiske Planetarium has been reserved at the usual class time on the days listed in the Timetable. You should go directly to Fiske on the listed days.

These shows are part of the course - quizzes/final may cover material presented in these shows.


Common Courtesy

I expect you: Please note that University policy forbids bringing food or drink into lecture halls.

You may expect me:

Academic Honesty

Please do not cheat on quizzes or exams, and please do not allow others to cheat from you. University policy requires any incident of cheating to be reported to the Dean. The Dean's Committee takes incidents of cheating very seriously, and can (and does) impose severe penalties. For example, the Committee may remove credit for all courses taken during that semester, and may suspend or expel a student.

 Van Gogh's Starry Night Fall 2000 ASTR 1120-001 Homepage

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