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 target Fall 2002 ASTR 2030-002 Black Holes: Syllabus


This is a lower division course intended to introduce non-science students to the predicted properties of black holes, and to the astronomical evidence for their existence. Along the way we will study modern ideas about the nature of space, time, and gravity. For more details, see the Timetable.

By mutual agreement, both of the two sections of this course are following the same grading policy and using the same texts. The other section, ASTR 2030-001, is being taught by Prof. Mitch Begelman, and will place a greater emphasis on the astronomical aspects of black holes.

Distinctive features of the way this section, ASTR 2030-002, of the course will be taught are:

This course is approved for the Natural Sciences Core Curriculum. There are no prerequisites. Course material will involve high school math and science.

If you are a science major, or if you would prefer a more mathematically oriented course, then you should consider taking ASTR 3740 Relativity and Cosmology in Spring 2003.


There will be two midterm exams, scheduled for F Oct 4 and F Nov 22. The exams will cover material discussed in class and in the assigned reading, and will consist largely of short-answer questions. Emphasis will be on concepts and major themes, rather than rote memorization of details. There will NOT be a final exam.


See Scripts for details.


Grading will be based on the two midterms Exams and two Scripts. There will no Final Exam: the Final is your Script 2. That adds up to 125%. To bring it to 100%, I will delete the worst 25% of your score. In other words, you may do badly either on Exam 1, or on Exam 2, or on Script 1 without penalty, or else Script 2 will count half.

Fiske Planetarium

CU's Fiske Planetarium has been reserved at the usual class time on the days listed in the Timetable. You should go directly to Fiske on the listed days.

Required Texts

Common Courtesy

I expect you: Please note that University policy forbids bringing food or drink into lecture halls.

You may expect me:

Academic Honesty

You are encouraged to form study groups and to discuss the course material with your classmates but we expect the papers to represent your own work. We will be on the lookout for plagiarism, including the unattributed use of materials obtained through the web. Detection of plagiarism or other forms of cheating will carry the minimum penalty of an automatic "F" for the assignment. We draw your attention to the Student Honor Code system, which has now been implemented in all schools and colleges.

Students with Disabilities

The law requires us to make reasonable accomodations to students with learning or physical disabilities. If you need such accomodations, then you should tell me about them in a timely manner. Normally, you should have obtained supporting documentation from the university's Disability Services.

 Black Hole silhouetted against the Milky Way Fall 2002 ASTR 2030-002 Homepage

syllabus | timetable | scripts | images

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