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 summary Spring 2005 ASTR 2030 Black Holes: Weekly Summaries

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

This was mainly a week of summary and review, in preparation for the midterm.

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

This was mainly a week of summary and review, in preparation for the midterm.

Week 8

This week was about how to script a movie. We watched excerpts from two movies, "Contact", and "Walt Disney's The Black Hole". At the end of the week we did an in class group project to critique Chapter 4 of Thorne as if it were a story.

  • A well-structured movie has 4 parts:
    1. The first 1/4 of the movie should set up the "World", or genre, of the story. The story could be a cartoon, a cowboy film, an action movie, or whatever, but once the world has been set up, the movie should remain consistent to that world. While setting up the "World", the movie should introduce the hero, the villain, and any other key characters. The movie is often more interesting if the hero has flaws and the villain has qualities.
    2. During the main part of the movie, the hero should encounter Problems of one kind or another. A novel can develop characters by getting inside their heads and telling you what the characters are thinking, but that is not possible in a movie. Movies develop characters by facing them with problems, and seeing how the characters respond to those problems.
    3. The hero should Overcome the problems encountered. Often overcoming the problems generates new problems, so that there is a cycle between encountering problems and overcoming them.
    4. The movie should build up to a Climax in its final part. The climax should be the most exciting part of the movie. The movie should end with closure, a resolution of some kind. If you have a budget, spend it here. Sometimes the movie ends with the climax; other times there is an epilogue after the climax. Sometimes the ending is perfect like a fairy tale, but it can be more interesting if the ending has a twist or is not perfect.
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