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Spring 2007 ASTR 3740 General Relativity Midterm Review

The midterm will test the material covered during weeks 6 to 9, which is to say, general relativity and black holes. Obviously, there is a non-trivial overlap with special relativity, so you should not forget what you learned during weeks 1 to 5.

The midterm will be a 50 minute test.

For 2 point questions, your answer should consist of one or two clear, grammatically correct sentences. Answers to questions with more points should be proportionately longer.

You get -1 point for each time you misspell Schwarzschild.

Review Questions

  1. Postulates.

  2. Consequences of the Equivalence Principle.

  3. Mathematics.

  4. Schwarzschild Geometry.

  5. No Hair Theorem

  6. Reissner-Nordström Geometry.

  7. Kerr-Newman Geometry.

  8. Observational evidence (planetarium show).


  9. Hawking Radiation.

  10. Curvature.

  11. Gravitational Radiation.

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