Inside Black Holes

  1. River model: Schwarzschild
  2. Fishies
  3. Penrose diagram of the Schwarzschild Black Hole
  4. The cores of charged or rotating black holes are gravitationally repulsive River model: Reissner-Nordström
  5. River model: Kerr-Newman
  6. Penrose diagram of the charged (Reissner-Nordström) Black Hole
  7. Wormhole waterfall
  8. Boulder Falls
  9. History of understanding of the interior structure of black holes
  10. Mass Inflation
  11. Penrose diagram of the charged (Reissner-Nordström) Black Hole
  12. Self-similarly accreting black hole
  13. Less accretion makes mass inflation more violent
  14. Inside an astronomically realistic black hole
  15. The Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
  16. Penrose diagram of an extremal black hole
  17. Penrose diagram of a black hole with imaginary charge

Updated 29 Jan 2007