Professor John Bally
Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder

Fall 2018 Teaching:
ASTR 3510: "Astronomical Observations and Instrumentation I: Imaging"
ASTR 3510 introduces students to the principles of instrumentation used in astrophysics, planetary science, and space physics. The first semester emphasizes imaging while the second semester emphasizes spectroscopy. This course (the first semester) explores the physics and use of telescopes, visual-wavelength imaging with CCDs, photometry, and astrometry. We will also review imaging at other wavelengths including gamma and X-rays, UV, infrared, and radio. Students will make extensive used of the two 20" telescopes on the SBO observing deck and the 24" telescope in the dome for CCD imaging at nigth.

Class: Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30- 7:45 PM at Sommers-Bausch Observatory. Labs are officially scheduled after class on Tuesdays, but students will be expected to observe on most clear nights of the week.

Office hours: See Syllabus.

Course Materials (Syllabus, lectures, homework, solutions)

Research and Outreach:
The insterstellar medium, star formation, feedback and the self-regulation of star formation. Formation of clusters and massive stars. Protostellar outflows and jets. Molecular Clouds. Astrobiology. Black-holes and cosmology. Observations from visual to radio wavelengths. Instrumentation. Major recent projects include the Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey and the Herschel Galactic Plane Survey (Hi-GAL).

Recent PhD receipients: Adam Ginsburg , Cara Battersby , Allision Youngblood

I give popular talks on astronomy and cosmology to the general public and amateur astronomy groups. Bo Reipurth and I have written a popular book, The Birth of Stars and Planets


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