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[P1] Battersby, C., Ginsburg, A., Darling, J., Bally, J. & Longmore, S., The Temperature and Density Structure
of a Massive Star-Forming IRDC on Sub-Parsec Scales, to be submitted to ApJ, November 2012

[P2] Battersby, C., & Bally, J., The Lifetimes of Evolutionary Phases in Clustered Star-Forming Regions, to be
submitted to ApJL, December 2012

[P3] Battersby, C., Bally, J., Longmore, S. & Ginsburg, A., The Dense Gas Kinematics in a Massive Molecular
Filament, in preparation


[1] Bressert, E., Ginsburg, A., Battersby, C., Bally, J., Longmore, S., & Testi, L., How to Find Young Massive
Cluster Progenitors, August, 2012,

[2] Ginsburg, A., Bressert, E., Bally, J., & Battersby, C., There are no starless massive proto-clusters in the
First quadrant of the Galaxy, August, 2012, 

[3] Longmore, S. N., Bally, J., Testi, L., Purcell, C. R., Walsh, A. J., Bressert, E., Pestalozzi, M., Molinari, S., Ott,
J., Cortese, L., Battersby, C., Murray, N., Lee, E., & Kruijssen, D., Variations in the Galactic star formation
rate and density thresholds for star formation, August, 2012, accepted to MNRAS,

[4] Wilcock, L. A., Ward-Thompson, D., Kirk, J. M., Stamatellos, D., Whitworth, A., Battersby, C., Elia, D.,
Fuller, G. A., DiGiorgio, A., Grin, M. J., Molinari, S., Martin, P., Mottram, J. C., Peretto, N., Pestalozzi, M.,
Schisano, E., Smith, H. A., & Thompson, M. A., Isolated starless cores in infrared dark clouds in the Hi-GAL
survey, July, 2012,

[5] Longmore, S. N., Rathborne, J., Bastian, N., Alves, J., Ascenso, J., Bally, J., Testi, L., Longmore, A., Battersby,
C., Bressert, E., Purcell, C., Walsh, A., Jackson, J., Foster, J., Molinari, S., Meingast, S., Amorim, A., Lima,
J., Marques, R., Moitinho, A., Pinhao, J., Rebordao, J., & Santos, F. D., G0.253 + 0.016: A Molecular Cloud
Progenitor of an Arches-like Cluster, February, 2012,

[6] Battersby, C., Bally, J., Ginsburg, A., Bernard, J.-P., Brunt, C., Fuller, G. A., Martin, P., Molinari, S.,
Mottram, J., Peretto, N., Testi, L., & Thompson, M. A., Characterizing precursors to stellar clusters with
Herschel, November,

[7] Ginsburg, A., Darling, J., Battersby, C., Zeiger, B., & Bally, J., Galactic H2CO Densitometry. I. Pilot Survey
of Ultracompact H II Regions and Methodology, August, 2011, ApJ, 736, 149

[8] Schlingman, W. M., Shirley, Y. L., Schenk, D. E., Rosolowsky, E., Bally, J., Battersby, C., Dunham, M. K.,
Ellsworth-Bowers, T. P., Evans, II, N. J., Ginsburg, A., & Stringfellow, G., The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey.
V. HCO+ and N2H+ Spectroscopy of 1.1 mm Dust Continuum Sources, August, 2011. 

[9] Molinari, S., and Hi-GAL team, 2011.  A 100 pc Elliptical and Twisted Ring of Cold and Dense Molecular Clouds Revealed by Herschel Around the Galactic Center, (accepted to ApJ). 2011ApJ...735L..33M

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[12] Battersby, C., Bally, J., Ginsburg, A., Glenn, J., Jackson, J.M., Shirley, Y.L., and Schlingman, W., 2010.  An Infrared Through Radio Study of the Properties and Evolution of IRDC Clumps, (accepted to ApJ). 2010ApJ...721..222B

[13] Bally, J., Aguirre, J., Battersby, C. (and 17 co-authors), 2010.  The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey: Lamba=1.1 and 0.35 mm Dust Continuum Emission in the Galactic Center Region. 2010ApJ...721..137B

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       the Image Data.,   2010ApJS...188...123R

[20] Pratap, P., Shute, P. A., Keane, T., Battersby, C., Sterling, C., 2008.  Class I Methanol Masers: Signposts of Star Formation?  2008AJ…135.1718P