I have a strong passion for teaching and public outreach.  I feel that as an employee of the tax-payers, it is not only an obligation but a duty to teach and to teach well.  I am interested in teaching both at the formal (classroom setting) and informal level (e.g. science museums, open houses).  I am a strong proponent of interactive engagement and the idea that you cannot teach students but that you can provide them with the direction, tools, and the encouragement so that they can learn.         


* Co-Instructor for Astronomy 6000: Graduate Seminar: Interstellar         Medium                   
            + University of Colorado (Summer 2011)

* Co-Instructor for Astronomy 1120: Stars & Galaxies                    
            + University of Colorado (Summer 2011)

* Teaching Assistant for Astronomy 101: The Solar System                    
            + Boston University (Spring 2008)

* Teaching Assistant for Cosmic Evolution (Astronomy 117)
            + Boston University (Fall 2007)

* Teaching Assistant for Modern Astrophysics (Astronomy 335)
            + University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Fall 2005)


* Co-Founder and Organizer of CU-STARs at CU Boulder
+ Program to Recruit and Retain Students
from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds
in STEM fields during their freshman year at College
+ Spring 2011 - present

* Co-Chair of the Women in Astronomy Group at CU Boulder
+ Organize monthly meetings, departmental public forum, and
guest speakers (WIA)

+ Fall 2010 - present

* Graduate Admissions Committee
Helped Select Admitted Students and Organized Prospective
Student Visits

Spring 2010

* ApJ Referee

* Friday Night Astronomy Open Houses
+ Open house to the public at the Sommers-Bausch Observatory
+ Participate regularly: Fall 2008 - present

* Women in Science Career Panel

+ Flagstaff Academy (Boulder, CO)
+ October 28, 2011

* Science Fair Judge at Flagstaff Academy

+ January 27, 2011

* Astronomy Day Volunteer

+ April 24, 2010 and April 11, 2009

* Westview Middle School Career Day Shadowee
+ Shadowed by a middle school student from Westview middle school,
interested in astrophysics.
+ April 22, 2010

* Science Fair Judge at Boulder Country Day School
+ December 9, 2009

* Museum of Science, Discovery Center Interpreter
+ Summer internship for one day a week at the Boston Museum of Science.

Worked with younng children exploring the physical and biological
+ Summer 2007

* Girl Scout Sky Search Program
+ Work with school age children to observe through a telescope and
understand astronomical basics.
+ December 8, 2006

* Explorations in Space Science and Astronomy
+ An event at Boston University hosted by the Center for Talented Youth
(CTY). I worked as a lab instructor to do an optics experiment with
school age children.
+ November 19, 2006

* Boulder Safehouse: Children's Volunteer
+ Lead, design, and monitor playspace activities for young children
+ Fall 2008 - present

* Horizons for Homeless Children: Playspace Activity Leader
+ Lead, design, and monitor playspace activities for young children
+ Fall 2005 - Summer 2008