ThesisTeX FAQ list

This is a compliation of several FAQs plus other issues which have come up. Latest update: March 17, 2004.

  • I get an error when I use \thebibliography. It says \newblock undefined. What gives?
  • How do I get my bibliography/vita to appear in the table of contents?
  • What's the difference between \include and \input?
  • How do I reference the chapter numbers in my thesis?
  • My section headings/captions in the table of contents/figure list/table list look funny. It doesn't like a change in fonts. For example \ion looks totally wrong.
  • How do I add a dedication to my thesis?
  • I want my figures to be on the same page with text, but LaTeX puts each figure on its own page. How can I change the way figures are embedded in the text?
  • How do I put tables where I want them?
  • It takes forever to compile my LaTeX code. Is there anything I can do?
  • My references have an extra comma in them.
  • I have three-digit figure numbers (ex. Figure 1.123) and the List of Figures doesn't allow enough space for that.
  • The bibliography is double-spaced. How do I prevent that?
  • The margins aren't right. I get too much margin on top and not enough on the bottom.
  • How do I get the wide margins to alternate for two-sided printing?
  • I can't get \lessim and \gtrsim to work
  • Why can't I get a deluxetable to rotate?
  • How do I prevent the entire figure caption from appearing in the List of Figures?
  • How do you generate a table of contents and so forth?
  • I've done something (changed the linespacing, etc.) and now the text runs off the end of the page or into the bottom margin. Help!

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    Charles Danforth
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