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Hither and Yon

Netherlands/Scotland, June 2013
Marseille, France, June 2011
Venice and the Sesto Dolomiti, Italy, October, 2010
Island of Hawaii, Hawaii, USA, March, 2010
The Netherlands, May 2009
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, April 2009
Costa Rica, November 2006
New Zealand, Sept-Oct 2004
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, August 2004
Northern Patagonia, Chile, Dec. 2000
Cerro Tololo, Chile, Nov. 1999
Togo, West Africa, Aug. 1998
Adventure Library (2011)
(2010 and previous)
Photos and Stories from my latest adventures.
Trail Running
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Hiking and Backpacking

Personal Extremes

  • North: 55o55' N, near Edinburgh, Scottland
  • South: 45o40' S, Mossburn, South Island, NZ
  • East: 12o28' E, near Auronzo di Cadore, Belluno, Italy
  • West: 167o38' E, Kepler Track, South Island, NZ
  • Highest: 14,420', Mt. Harvard, CO
  • Longest Distance (on foot): 100 miles, Big Horn 100
  • Longest Distance (by bike): 100 miles, Seagull Century, MD
  • Longest Distance (by time): 31.5 hours, Big Horn 100
  • Vertical gain: +-17,000', Big Horn 100

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