Northern Lights

The sun is at maximum as happens every 11 years. Lots of sunspots, flares, and aurora – northern and southern lights.  From Colorado one might see a faint glow, but from the north it’s a swirling, fantastic, unbelievable  light show! So I lead education-adventure trips to see the lights. We fly Denver-Edmonton-Yellowknife, Canada, and then take a ski plane to the beautiful Blachford Lake Lodge, where we see the lights almost every night. During the day we cross country ski or snow shoe, ice fish, or travel with sleds and dogs. (For Fall trips we hike around the beautiful lodge. Only about a dozen people can go on any one trip.  Book the March 2015 trip now directly with Blachford Lake Lodge! (click on the link)

Here are a few images I took.  I teach participants how to photograph the lights. It’s easy!

Notice Orion to the left of the native Dene teepee. This was published by National Geographic.