The table of contents and foreword of my book Clickers in the Classroom was written by Prof. Eric Mazur of the Harvard Physics Department, and may be read here. You may also read Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. The book is available from Addison Wesley. There is also a version “Clickers in the Astronomy Classroom,” that adds many examples specifically from astronomy.

I do many workshops on clickers and peer instruction, such as the keynote talk at the Inaugural Conference on Classroom Response Systems (“Clicker Conference“). You may download the .ppt file here. I am willing to do additional workshops; email me.

Many people have requested information about the innovative way I have been teaching critical thinking, the nature of science, and pseudoscience.

My curriculum is linked here.

A new paper is here: Teaching the Nature of Science: Successful Strategies in an Introductory College-Level Astronomy Course

Richard Feynman

Some of my teaching materials are frequently requested. They concern how to teach science, and how to not be fooled by pseudoscience.

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(2009) Brain research and learning; suggestions to improve learning; Stanford study of Multitasking (it’s worse than you think!)