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Two weeks in the Math Cave. What's that bright light in the sky? [Jan '14]
The Universe is expanding at the same rate in all directions. [Jan '14]
    Expansion is isotropic to 7% in the Dark Energy epoch.
Thinking about lasers and black holes. [Feb '13]
Starting work on the Galaxy's central black hole environment. [Mar '14]
National Academies Committee on Astronomy and Astrophysics [Mar '14]
Can wandering black holes be found in our Galaxy? [Mar '14]
Deep in the interferometry trench --- data too big for my computer. [Mar '14]
    The VLA correlator has as many modes as atoms in the Universe...
    ...and it spits out 16,384 2-megapixel images every 3 seconds (throttled!).
Carnegie Cognitive Astrophysics meeting: Astrophilosophy! [Apr '14]
New ALMA results on molecules halfway to the Big Bang: [Apr '14]
    A molecular census of a gravitational lens.
    The first detection of extragalactic Chloronium, H2Cl+.
Some press on Real-Time Cosmology. [Apr '14]
A comparison of gas and dust in a massive star-forming region. [May '14]
The Universe is Boring (apparently). [June '14]
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Part IV, begins! [July '14]
Inaugural meeting of the Sloan IV collaboration (now with CU!). [July '14]
Starting as Associate Chair of the APS Department. [Aug '14]
First semester teaching Black Holes (ASTR 2030). [Sep '14]
Chandra data on a water maser galaxy! [Oct '14]
NRAO telescopes are all competitive and worth supporting. [Oct '14]
National Academies Committee on Astronomy and Astrophysics [Nov '14]
ALMA data! [Nov '14]
ARC and Sloan-IV meetings in a Chicago airport basement. [Nov '14]
Is astrophysical Raman spectroscopy possible? [Dec '14]
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