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News --- 2005 Archive

Observing at Magellan, Green Bank, and Arecibo [Dec '05]
Molecule of the Month:   Formaldehyde [Oct '05]
    H2CO can form a maser or an inverse maser
    H2CO is a cosmic thermometer
Hiked the four pass loop in the Maroon Bells. Amazing! [Sep '05]
Exploring our new home, the Indian Peaks Wilderness. [Aug '05]
    Jen's Gallery
Enjoying a stunning bloom in the Rockies (Gallery). [Jul '05]
We've moved to Ned, home of the Frozen Dead Guy. [Jul '05]
California spring blooms: [Mar '05]
    Death Valley (once in a lifetime!)
    Antelope Valley wildflower reserve
Whirlwind tour of the Big Island. (Gallery) [Feb '05]
Taking a Hubble Fellowship to Boulder. [Feb '05]
Huygens hits Titan: crash or splash? --- Splat! [Jan '05]
Heard any rumors lately? [Jan '05]
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