On this page, you'll find information about CASA's Submillimeter astrophysics group.  In the future, this will include details on group members and research, tutorials on the Early Universe,  resources for astronomy classes, and other general information.

December 2008-

A Job Openings page has been created, as we are searching for a new post-doc to help with Key Project
observations with SPIRE. See the ad here

The Publications page has been updated with all of the groundbreaking work our group has done recently.

Member pages have been updated as well, including information on all new members of the group.

MKID and CCAT information is available now under the Instruments section.

ASTR 5770-
SZ Lecture (PDF)

"The Bolocam Lockman Hole Millimeter-Wave Galaxy Survey:  Galaxy Candidates and Number Counts" has been accepted-
The complete paper is currently being published by The Astrophysical Journal.  To see a complete list of publications, follow the publications link.

Member Pages Have Been Updated-
Follow the Group link to see new pages for group members.

SPIRE and Z-Spec Instrument pages Updated-
New pictures and information are availabe on two of our instruments.  Follow the instrument link, or click the image below.

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