Bailey Moyers
Undergraduate Research Assistant

1255 38th Street
Boulder, CO, 80303
Room 150



> Assisting in CCAT fundraising & public outreach, as well as web design for
   CASA Submillimeter Astrophysics Group

> Interested in planetary atmospheres, extrasolar planets, and galaxy formation
> Looking to pursue career in aerospace field & space policy

Other Interests

> International affairs, geographic concentration in Central/South America
> Spanish & English literature
> Digital & Film photography and astrophotography
> All things equestrian and horse-related
> The Sopranos

Current Astronomy Obessions

> The Cassini Mission: NASA's recent article on Saturn's rings is amazing!
> NASA Edge Vodcasts: Wonderful group of hosts that feature many astronomy students
   from around the nation
> Really cool information on solar storms & satellite flybys to
   look out for