M51 images (multi-band)

Spring 2010: ASTR 1020
Introductory Astronomy-2

Instructor: Professor Michael Shull
Teaching Assistant: Jessica Lovering

Class Lectures: Tu-Th (11:00 am - 12:15 pm)
ECCR-150 (Engineering Complex)
Recitation (Monday, either 1 pm or 2 pm) - MUEN E130

Midterm Tests: Feb 2, Mar 16, Apr 22 (in-class)
Final: Tuesday May 4, 2010 (4:30-7:00 pm)

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ASTR 1020 is the second-semester in the Introductory Astronomy (ASTR 1010/1020) sequence on the Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum. This course will cover the astronomy of stars, galaxies, quasars, clusters, and interstellar gas in the general context of the origin, evolution, and structure of the universe. An attached one-hour recitation provides opportunities for in-depth discussion, practice in problem-solving, and astronomical topics of general interest. Students should have basic ability in QRMS (quantitative reasoning and math skills) such as proportional scaling, algebra, and numerical calculation. The course begins with reviews of material from ASTR 1010: electromagnetic radiation, gravity, spectra, and classical physics (forces, energy, matter). We then discuss the structure and evolution of stars and galaxies, star formation and stellar death (white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes), and quasars. Latter portions of the term consider the expansion of the universe, dark matter, and dark energy. Throughout the class, we will relate cosmology to our culture and philosophy, as they shape our ideas of the cosmos.