J. Michael Shull

ASTR 5120 (Internal Processes 2) Syllabus

The two-semester sequence, Internal Processes 1 and 2, provides an introduction to the "Physics of Astrophysics" for first-year graduate students in APS. In the second semester, we cover aspects of radiative transfer and astrophysical fluid dynamics, with applications to accretion flows, accretion disks, sound waves, shock waves, compressible fluids, MHD, and classical instabilities (Jeans, Rayleigh-Taylor, Kelvin-Helmholtz). The course will include numerous homework sets, which will be returned with solutions. The course grade will be based on: homework (50%), final exam (30%), term paper/presentation (10%), and the quality and effectiveness of class participation (10%). A fourth weekly meeting will be devoted especially to broader implications of physical processes from the course to recent scientific papers, order-of-magnitude estimation, and oral discussion. The material for the second semester will include aspects of the following topics: