J. Michael Shull

Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
University of Colorado
Campus Box 389
Boulder, CO 80309-0389
Office: Duane C-328
Phone: (303) 492-7827
FAX: (303) 492-7178
Email: mshull@casa.colorado.edu

Graduate Thesis Students:

First Postdocs Current Position
Randi Horne 1980 MS Study of Interstellar Iron Depletions with IUE ........ Geophysics Industry
Greg Seab (with Ted Snow) 1982 PhD UV Extinction and Grain Destruction in ISM Virginia/NASA-Ames Univ. New Orleans
Stephen Lepp (with Richard McCray) 1984 PhDMolecular Hydrogen and Thermal Phases in Astrophysics Harvard Univ. Nevada Las Vegas
Denis Cioffi 1985 PhD3D Simulations of Supernova Dominated ISM in Disk Galaxies Berkeley/NASA-GSFC Geo. Washington Univ., Business/Management Dept.
Michael Van Steenberg 1987 PhD Galactic Abundance Surveys with IUE and IRAS Satellites NASA/GSFC NASA-Goddard (Deceased 2010)
Kazimierz Borkowski 1988 PhD Radiative Shocks with Electron Thermal Conduction NASA/GSFC North Carolina State Univ.
Mark Voit 1989 PhDX-Ray Irradiation of a Galaxy by an Embedded Active NucleusCaltechMichigan State Univ
Alan Stern (with Jack Brandt)1989 PhDEvolution of Comets of Extra-Solar Oort Clouds Colorado & SwRI Southwest Research Inst.
Katia Ferriere (with Ellen Zweibel)1990 PhDExplosion of a Superbubble in a Uniform Magnetic Field NCAR/HAO CNRS Midi-Pyrenees
Megan Donahue (with John Stocke)1990 PhDPhotoionization of Intergalactic Gas and Cooling Flows Carnegie Inst. Michigan State Univ
Elise Sachs1993 MS AGN Outflows and Absorption Lines in Seyfert Galaxies ........ Health Care Industry
Jon Saken 1993 PhDEnergetic Bubbles in the Interstellar Medium STScIMarshall Univ.
Mark Fardal 1998 PhDPhotoionization and the Intergalactic Medium UMass/UVIC Univ. of Massachusetts
Steve Penton (with John Stocke)1999 PhDUV Studies of the IGM, Active Galaxies, low-z Lyman-alpha Forest Univ. ColoradoSpace Telescope Science Institute
Remy Indebetouw (with James Green)2001 PhDUltraviolet Spectroscopy of the Hot Interstellar Medium Univ. Wisconsin Univ. of Virginia
Massimo Ricotti (with Nick Gnedin) 2001 PhD Radiative Feedback from Galaxy Formation Cambridge Univ.Univ. of Maryland
Jason Tumlinson 2002 PhDFirst Stars: Structure, Evolution, Cosmological Effects Univ. of Chicago Space Telescope Science Insttute (tenure-track staff)
Devin Silvia 2013 PhD SNR Ejecta & Dust Hydrodynamics, Non-equilibrium ionization of IGM Michigan State Michigan State Univ.
Evan Tilton 2017 PhD Hubble Ultraviolet Spectra of AGN Regis Univ (Instructor)
Joshua Moloney 2017 PhD Numerical Simulations of IGM and Feedback Data Statistician, Financial Markets, Sydney

Undergraduate Research Students:

Jacob Moss Colorado 2016-present Interaction of Galactic winds with a Clumpy Circumgalactic Medium
Michael Topping Colorado 2011-2014 N-body simulations, O-star model atmospheres
Matthew Stevans Colorado 2009-2012 Hubble/COS Spectra of AGN Continuum & Emission Lines
Helen Yamamoto Colorado 2010-2011 AGN Ionization and He II Absorbers in IGM
Charles Romero Colorado 2006-2008 Reionization and Optical Depth of Cosmic Microwave Background
Jennifer Westbrook Colorado 2006-2008 Hubble/FUSE Studies: Heavy Elements in Galactic Halo
Kristen Gillmon Colorado 2000-2005 FUSE interstellar H2 (Galactic halo)
Drew Clausen Colorado 2002-2004 Ionizing Spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei
Chris Gilmer Colorado 2002 FUSE and HST Studies of Intergalactic O VI
Kate Anderson Colorado 2000-2003 FUSE interstellar H2 (Galactic disk)
Kristine WashburnColorado 1999-2000 X-Ray spectra of Quasars
David Roberts Cornell 1997 Ionizing radiation field from low-redshift Seyferts
Margaret McKee Grinnell 1996 Baryon density and metals in low-redshift Ly-alpha clouds
Cheong-Ming Fu Colorado 1995-1996 IUE search for intergalactic HI absorption lines
Edelyn Paz Wesleyan 1994 IUE spectra of absorption lines in Seyfert galaxies
Kristin McAdamsCaltech 1992-1993 Two-Temperature Models of IR Emission from Galaxies
Greg Pike Colorado 1990-1992 IUE Studies of Quasar Ultraviolet Spectra
Truong Van Le Wichita St1991 Kinematic Distances to Galactic Supernova Remnants
Crystal Martin Colorado 1989-1990 Structure of Crab Nebula Synchrotron Nebula
Kachun Yu Arizona 1990 Stochastic Heating and IR Spectra of Interstellar Grains
Theresa MagorianColorado 1989 Nickel Abundances in the Interstellar Medium
James Case Colorado 1988-1989 IUE Studies of Absorption Systems in Quasar Spectra