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Welcome to the IUEAGN-FUSE planning site!

This site is intended to demonstrate the power of the IUE AGN database that I am constructing as part of my ongoing UltraViolet studies of the Intergalactic Medium and Active Galactic Nuclei. This page contains links to tables and postscript files that summarize the ultraviolet fluxes and lightcurves of all AGN observed by the International Ultraviolet Explorer (1979-1995).

Each of these lists ranks the top 100 AGN observed by IUE in terms of 1000 Angstrom flux. Since IUE only observes down to ~1200 Angstroms, the 1000 Angstrom fluxes are extrapolations using either linear extrapolation, power law extrapolation or the average of both.

NOTE: Clicking on the small images will produce larger versions, and clicking on the object name will get you a lightcurve.

Top 100 lists as HTML3.0 Tables

Full listings sorted by J2000 RA

Top 100 lists as Postscript Files : NOT READY YET !

And Here Are The Full Listings as Postscript files: NOT READY YET !

NOTE: The postscript files are not quite ready yet, if you are desperate Here is an old version (Dec 1995) of the linear table.

NOTE: These are preliminary versions. Please examine the spectra, fits and lightcurves to determine the merit to give the numbers listed in the tables. If you discover objects which you believe are not AGN in these lists, or if you have any comments or suggestions; feel free to email me at

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