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Version 1.02 - 8 May 2008
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For more details, you may also be interested in reading our paper Trenti & Stiavelli (2008).
Please refer to it in case you find the CosmicVarianceCalculator useful for your research.

Survey parameters

Area of the Survey in arcmin, X=: arcmin, Y=: arcmin
Mean redshift: Redshift interval:

Catalog parameters

Intrinsic number of objects:
Halo filling factor:

Cosmological parameters

Flat universe
Omega Lambda = 0.74
Omega Matter = 0.26
Hubble constant = 70km/s/Mpc
Spectral index ns=1
Bias: Sheth-Tormen Press-Schechter

Note that in v1.02 the cosmology is fixed due to a precomputation of the two point correlation function for dark matter. We are working on a fast on the flight computation of xi(r). Stay tuned. Requests for different cosmologies can be sent to Michele.

Written by M. Trenti & M. Stiavelli (2008) with support from NASA JWST grant NAG5-12458.

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