ASTR 1020 Section 1

  Introductory Astronomy 2

Spring 2017



The Final will be on Monday May 8 at 4:30-7:00pm
David will hold a review session nominally Saturday, May 6


General Information:

         Approximate Lecture Schedule
       Observatory Sessions
         Lecture Notes

The class has a D2L page. It will be used primarily for posting grades. Major announcements will be posted on this webpage and the D2L page.

Lecture Times

Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:15 in the Large Duane Lecture Hall G1B20 given by Prof Cash unless there is a Planetarium or Exam

The Teaching Assistant is David Schenck, TA, david.schenck@colorado,edu,  Duane D232

Recitation Times:

Each student will attend a one hour recitation per week to work with a Learning Assistant.  The LA's  and sessions are:

> ASTR 1020-011 - Fri 11-12 (S175)  Jacob Fleisig

> ASTR 1020-012 - Fri 11-12 (S125)  Sam Esbin

> ASTR 1020-013 - Fri 12-1 (S175)  Amanda  Alexander   Amanda.Alexander-1@Colorado.EDU

> ASTR 1020-014 - Fri 12-1 (S125)  Haeyoung  Lim

> ASTR 1020-015 - Tue 1-2 (S175)  Amanda Alexander    Amanda.Alexander-1@Colorado.EDU

> ASTR 1020-016 - Tue  1-2 (S125)  Haeyoung  Lim

> ASTR 1020-017 - Tue  2-3 (S175)  Jacob Fleisig

> ASTR 1020-018 - Tue  2-3 (S125)  Sam Esbin

If you are unable to attend your normal recitation for whatever reason, we encourage you to attend a different recitation. Preferably, this would be the other recitation offered by your LA, but any recitation will do.

Planetarium Dates

On four occasions we will visit the Fiske Planetarium instead of a lecture.  This is an amazing facility and not to be missed!

January 24, February 14, March 21, April 25

Help With Exams:
           Sample First Exam             Review Sheet for First Exam
Sample Second Exam        Review Sheet for Second Exam
Sample Third Exam           Review Sheet for Third Exam

Problem Sets:

There are six problem sets to be worked out with pencil and paper and turned in to be graded.  Prof Cash will set the due-date for each when it is appropriate.  Until that time he reserves the right to change the problem set. 

We will also use Mastering Astronomy to help you understand    
    Problem Set #1   Due Tuesday January 31 in lecture
   Problem Set #2

Due thursday February 9  in lecture

     Problem Set #3

Due Thursday March 2

  Problem Set #4

Due  Thursday March 2

  Problem Set #5
Due Thursday March 9
    Problem Set #6 Due Tuesday April 11

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