Review Sheet for Second Exam

 ASTR 1110


This sheet is to help you prepare for the second exam.  It is not a "sample'' of the exam.  Instead it is designed to help you focus on  the most important aspects of a large body of material.

The exam is “closed book”, but useful formulae and constants will be provided if needed.

Forces: Know the four forces of the universe in their order of strength. Know which two operate across large distances.

Newton's Laws: Know his three laws and how they are used.

Law of Gravitation: Know the law of gravitation and how to use it. G will be provided.

Orbital Period: Understand Newton's derivation of  orbital periods. Understand the balance between centrifugal force and gravity. Be able to calculate a period.

Escape Velocity: Know what escape velocity is. Be able to calculate. 

Tidal Force: Understand how tidal forces work. Understand why there are two tides per day on Earth.

Speed of Light: Know it is a constant. Value will be given (c).

E=hn    Understand what this means and be able to use it. h is provided.

ln=c   Understand this and be able to use it. WATCH UNITS!

Know the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum in order, and their approximate wavelength bands.

Know Wien's Law and be able to use.

Understand the Stefan Boltzman Law and be able to scale temperature with luminosity.

Understand the origin of emission and absorption lines

Understand the Doppler Shift. Be able to calculate a velocity from a shift and vice versa.

Understand the Formation of Solar System from an interstellar cloud. Be able to recount the stages.

Understand Planet formation and planetesimals in the early solar system.

Know what the Catastrophe Theory was and why it is discarded.