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One homework assignment is to go to the Sommers-Bausch Observatory to view the sky on the deck, look through the telescopes and search out some constellations. The observatory is the domed building to the southwest of the Events Center right here on campus. This makes for a poor view of the stars, but it is convenient.

Below is a list of the six nights which have been reserved for our class. We will share the observatory with 1110 section 001 (Prof Stewart) so it may get crowded. The sessions will run on clear nights only.  A night that has broken clouds with stars in between counts as clear, because it then usually finishes clearing up. The start time is set by the end of twilight.

Date            Start Time     Status of Moon

Thu Jan 25     7:00pm     First Quarter Moon

Tue Feb 13    7:00          dark

Wed Feb 28     7:00          Nearly Full Moon

Mon Mar 19     8:00          dark

Tue Apr 10     8:30          dark

Mon April 30    8:30          Full Moon

Your assignment at the observatory is to talk to the TA's and the other students about what is visible in the sky and then look at a few objects in the scope.  Then get your name checked off by the TA to get credit.

I am aware that if you are truly cynical you can simply show up, get your named checked off and then leave. That will get you your credit, but the assignment is fun and rewarding, so I hope you don't do that.