APAS 1110 

Do these problems on separate sheets of paper. Turn in at Lecture.

Show your work. An answer is not sufficient without an explanation!

1. NASA is currently planning a mission to Pluto.  They want the spacecraft to take no more than seven years after launch to reach the outermost planet.  How fast must it be travel?  Give answer in both miles per hour and km/s. Use textbook for units and distances.

2. You are alone on a yacht in the ocean.  You have set your clock to Greenwich Mean Time (UT), and it is reading 2pm.  Your compass tells you North, so you can measure that the Sun is on the meridian.  The date is March 22, and the Sun is 20 degrees South of overhead.
a.  What are your approximate latitude and longitude?
b.  Where are you?

3. You have a waxing quarter moon 30 degrees past the merdian.  What time is it?

4.  The Sun is at 0 Hours Right Ascension on March 22.  What is its Right Ascension on June 22?