ASTR 3730

The problem sets for 3730 are linked below. If it has a due-date to the right, then it is ready. If it reads "Due TBD" then the problem set is an old one from a previous time I taught the course, and is for your interest only.

You are encouraged to work together in groups of two or three on the problem sets.   However,
be sure you all work on them.  Should one of your group effectively end up copying solutions, he
or she will probably perform poorly on the exams.

Please turn in your solutions in class on the day indicated.

         Problem Set 1 Due September 10
       Problem Set 2 Due September 24
         Problem Set 3 Due October 3
         Problem Set 4 Due October 17
          Problem Set 5 Due November 5
          Problem Set 6 Due December 3
          Problem Set 7 Not Due -- For study purposes only