Homework #4
ASTR 3800
Due February 16, 2016

Correlation Analysis

1. The percentage probability of  r (the correlation coefficient) is given in Appendix C of Taylor.
Write a python code that integrates the function that gives the percentage probability of r.  Effectively, write a code that could be used to generate Table C of Taylor.

2. I have created a text file with x and y pairs in it: correl.txt

Write a  program that:
    a. opens and reads the data into x,y pairs
    b. Estimates the best linear fit values for A,B and r as explained in Taylor or elsewhwere.
    c. Plots the points with an overplot of the best fit line.

Then use your code from problem 1 to estimate the cofidence of the correlation.

3. Take only the first ten x,y pairs from correl.txt.  Then redo problem 2 with just those pairs.

Turn in your work  as  plots, with A, B, r, and confidence printed on the plot.