Homework #5
ASTR 3800
Due March 10, 2016

Rewrite your correlation analysis in a structured way that uses Python Class Structures to create the base of  your programs going forward.

The program will be structured as:

import statements

I have a shortened version of my exoplanet simulation code at:  aps3800_ps5.py
 which you can use as a template if you like.

Create a class for input, output and plotting.  One function in the class will open the data file and read it.  Another will plot the data with correlation line.

Create a second class for statistics.  Once you have the data, you will feed them to that class for analysis. That's where you manipulate the data, calculate the statistics, shorten the array etc.

The probability of r integral (Appendix C Taylor) should be put in a function outside the two classes.

The main should be just a few lines long.