Basic Unix Commands

ls (list the contents of the current directory)

pico (open the pico text editor and insert contents of
lines of text put in next
end (last line of idl program should be "end")
^O (control O saves the contents of the editor)
^X (exit pico)

cat (print contents of to screen)

idl (enter the idl environment)
x=6 (enter commands by hand)
.run file (run the commands in
exit (to leave idl and return to unix)

cp (copy and save it in a file called
mv (rename to
mkdir myidl (create new subdirectory call myidl)
cd myidl (change to the myidl directory)
cd .. (move back up to parent directory)
mv myidl/ (move ytest to myidl directory)
lp (print the contents of on the lineprinter)

man pico (open unix manual to get information about pico)
q (quit from the manual)

ssh (open secure shell remote access to cosmos)