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ASTR 3830  SECTION 001
Spring 2009

TIME AND PLACE: MWF 10:00-10:50   Duane G131
INSTRUCTOR: Webster Cash
E-MAIL: webster.cash@colorado.edu
OFFICE: Duane F519 (tower) or ARL (Research Park, 303-492-4056)
HOURS: 9:00-9:30 and 10:45-11:15 MWF in Duane F519,   or by appointment
TEXTS:  Galaxies and Galactic Structure,  D. Elmegreen, Prentice-Hall 1998
Active Galactic Nuclei, B. Peterson,  Cambridge University Press, 1997
Introduction to Cosmology, B. Ryden, AddisonWesley 2003                

    Texts will be placed on reserve in library if you don't care to purchase them.

EXAMS: There will be a final research paper. There will be no in-class exams.
HOMEWORK: There will be written homework assignments on a regular basis. They will be graded and will count toward your course grade. Solutions will be distributed. Doing these problems is the core of the course. By working through the problems you will (hopefully) develop a sense of how astrophysics operates.
COURSE GRADE: Your final grade will be based on the sum of the final exam or project (300 points),  and homework (200 points). Thus the maximum possible score will be 500 points. Grades will be assigned on a curve which will be adjusted based on my experience in teaching this course before.
I hope to impart a basic understanding of the physical principles that explain the nature of the components of the universe. I also hope to show how it is that astrophysicists can observe the heavens and deduce a great deal with relatively little information.
In the fall 3730 covered emission mechanisms and stellar structure, ending with a discussion of the Milky Way. In this semester will we discuss the universe beyond our galaxy. Topics will include galaxies, clustering of galaxies, active galactic nuclei, cosmology, and the Big Bang.
We will make extensive use of freshman level physics and calculus. Material at a higher level will be introduced and explained as needed.
Information about the course can be found at http://casa.colorado.edu/~wcash/APS3830/aps3830.htm
We will use the site extensively as the source of most of the information, including problem sets  and notes.