Presentations Made to 4010 Spring 2004

Presenter Date Authors Title Reference
Webster Cash January 13 Carter et al A Planet in a Circular Orbit with a 6 Year Period ApJ(Letters), 593, L43-L46 (2003)
Kristen Gillmon January 15 Fabian et al A deep Chandra observation of the Perseus cluster: shocks and ripples. MNRAS. 344, L43-L47 (2003).
Brett Ransby January 20 Fredt,Ch. Magnetically driven outflows from Jovian circum-planetary accretion disks Astronomy and Astrophysics. V 411 no. 3. Dec 1, 2003.
L:isa Schiller January 22 Avi M. Mandell and Steinn Sigurdsson Survival of Terrestrial Planets in the Presence of Giant Planet Migration Astrophysical Journal, 599:L111- L114, 2003 December 20.
Edmund Hodges-Kluck January 27 Kobayashi, S., Mészáros, P., & Zhang, B. A Characteristic Dense Environment or Wind Signature in Prompt Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows 2004, ApJ, 601, L13
Marcus Wojtkowiak January 29 Morales-Juberias,R.,Sanchez-Lavega,A., Dowling,T.E. EPIC simulations of the merger of Jupiter's White Ovals BE and FA: altitude-dependant behavior. Icarus 166 63-74.  2003
Jacob Thiel February 3 Wilson M. Liu, et. al. A RESOLVED CIRCUMSTELLAR DIISK AROUND THE HERBIG Ae STAR HD100546 IN THE THERMAL INFRARED The Astrophysical Journal, 598:L111-114, 2003 December 1
Christy Predaina February 5
John A. Grant, Matthew P. Golombek, Timothy J. Parker, Joy A. Crisp, Steven W. Squyres, Catherine M. Weitz
Selecting landing sites for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers
Planetary and Space Science 52 (2004) 11 – 21
Chris Maytag February 19
Ryuji Morishima, Sei-ichiro Watanabe
Co-accretion of the Earth–Moon system after the giant impact: reduction of the total angular momentum by lunar impact ejecta
Icarus, March 2004
Karanita Whittlesy February 19 Duxbury, T.C. et al Asteroid 5535 Annefrank size, shape and orientation: Stardust first results Journal of Geophysical Research (2004) Vol 109, E02002, doi:10.1029/2003JE002108,
Chris Veeneman February 24 R. Atkins, et al. Observation of TeV Gamma Rays from the Crab Nebula with Milagro using a new background rejection technique Astrophysical Journal, 595:803-811, 2003 October 1
Paul Douglas February 26 Penzias, A. A.; Wilson, R. W. A Measurement of Excess Antenna Temperature at 4080 Mc/s ApJ, Vol 142, p419-421
    Wilson, R. W.; Penzias, A. A.; Hogg, D. C. Measurement of the Flux Density of CAS A at 4080 Mc/s AJ, Vol 70, p150
    Penzias, A. A.; Wilson, R. W. Determination of the Microwave Spectrum of Galactic Radiation ApJ, Vol 146, p666-669
    Dicke, R. H.; Peebles, P. J. E.; Roll, R. J.; Wilkinson, D. T. Cosmic Black Body Radiation pJ, Vol 142, p414-419
L:isa Schiller March 2 S.J. Lipscy and P. Plavchan Globular Cluster Formation in M82 The Astrophysical Journal, 603:82-86, 2004 March 1.
Kristen Gillmon March 4 Tumlinson, et al. A Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Survey of Interstellar Molecular Hydrogen in the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds The Astrophysical Journal. 566:857-879, 2002 February 20.
Jacob Thiel March 9 A. Vidal-Madjar, et. al. DETECTION OF OXYGEN AND CARBON IN THE HYDRODYNAMICALLY ESCAPING ATMOSPHERE OF THE EXTRASOLAR PLANET HD 209458B The Astrophysical Journal, 604:L69–L72, 2004 March 20
Christy Predaina March 16 Timothy M. Brown Expected Detection and False Alarm Rates for Transiting Jovian Planets Astrophysical Journal Letters, 593:L125-L128, 2003 August 20
Chris Veeneman March 30 Samir D. Mathur, Ashish Saxena, Yogesh Srivastava Constructing 'hair' for the three charge hole Nuclear Physics B 680(2004)415-449
Chris Maytag April 1
The temperature of Europa's subsurface water ocean
H. J. Melosh , , A. G. Ekholm 1, A. P. Showman and R. D. Lorenz
Icarus, Vol.168, Issue 2.
Edmund Hodges-Kluck April 8 X-ray emission from the double pulsar system J0737-3039 McLaughlin, M.A et al. 2004, ApJ, 605, L41
Marcus Wojtkowiak April 13 On the origins of band topography, Europa F. Nimomo, R.T. Pappalardo, Bob Giese. Icarus 166(2003) 21-32

Presentations Made to 4010 Fall 2003

Presenter Date Authors Title Reference
Webster Cash August 26 Carter et al A Planet in a Circular Orbit with a 6 Year Period ApJ(Letters), 593, L43-L46 (2003)
Matt Chojnacki August 28
B. Yang, J. Zhu, J. Gao, J. Ma, X. Zhou, H. Wu, and M. Guan 
Photometry and Spectroscopy of the Potentially Hazardous Asteroid 2001 YB5 and Near-Earth Asteroid 2001 TX16"
Apj(Letters), 126, L1086-L089 (2003)
Chris Gilmer September 2      
Stephanie Fonda September 4      
Jessica Pipis September 9   A Search for Small Kuiper Belt Objects by Stellar Occultations ApJ(Letters) xxx  L63-L6
Allyson Bieryla September 9 Z.E. Musielak, M. Noble, J.G. Porter, and D.E. Winget  Chandra observations of magnetic white dwarfs and their theoretical implications ApJ, 593, 481-485 (2003)
Challon Winer October 7 M. Livio, J. Pringle and A. King The Disk-Jet Connection in Microquasars and Active Galactic Nuclei ApJ, 593:184-188, 2003
Lisa Rowan September 30   Origin and Evolution of Neutron Star Magnetic Fields, astro-ph/0307133 v1 July 7th, 2003.
Kris Spinden September 18 Jon M. Jenkins and Laurance R. Doyle. Detecting Reflected Light From Close-In Extrasolar Giant Planets With The Kepler Photometer Apj vol. 595 pages 429-445, 2003
Corina Rae September 22 Brad M. S. Hansen and Milos Molosavljevic
The Need for a Second Black Hole at the Galactic Center
ApJ(Letters) 593:L77-L80, 2003
Katherine Kretke September 30 Shuping et. al. Evidence for Grain Growth in the Protostellar Disks of Orion. ApJ 587:L109-L112, 2003
Greg Lundeen October 7 Y.F Huang, Z.G. Dal, T.Lu, K.S. Cheng, and X.F. Wu Gamma-Ray Bursts From Neutron Star Kicks ApJ Vol.594 pgs 919-923, 2003
Drew Clausen October 9 A. Venkatesan & J. W. Truran The Ionizing Efficiency of the First Stars 2003, ApJL, 594, L1
Matthew Pallas October 14 Fan et al. A Survey of z > 5.7 Quasars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. II. Discovery of Three Additional Quasars at z > 6 AJ, 125: 1649-1659 (April 2003)
Michael Stroh October 14 C. Boehm, D. Hooper, J. Silk and M. Casse MeV Dark Matter: Has It Been Detected? astro-ph/0309686 v2 1 Oct 2003
Angela Baber October 30 A. Arrieta and S. Torres-Peimbert  Broad H-alpha Wings in Nebulae around Evolved Stars and in Young Planetary Nebulae APJ Supplement Series, 147:97-102, 2003 July
Lesley Cook October 21 Geoffrey C Clayton, TR Geballe, and Luciana Bianchi Winds in R Coronae Borealis Stars ApJ 595:412-417, 2003 september 20
Matthew Route October 21 Colwell, J.E.  Low velocity impacts into dust: results from the COLLIDE-2 microgravity experiment.  Icarus, 164, 188-196, 2003.
Dohy Faied October 28 Marc J. Kuchner Volatile-Rich Earth-Mass Planets in the Habitable Zone ApJ(letters),596:L105-L108,2003 October 10
Matt Chojnacki November 4 Jonathan I. Lunine, John Chambers, Alessandro Morbidelli and Laurie A. Leshin The origin of water on Mars Icarus, 165, 1-8, 2003
Stephanie Fonda November 11 Daniel Green, Jaymie Matthews, Sara Seager, and Rainer Kuschnig Scattered Light from Close-in Extrasolar Planets: Prosepects of Detection with the MOST Satellite Astrophysical Journal, 597:590-601, 2003 November 1
Drew Clausen November 18 Afshordi, McDonald, & Spergel Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter ApJL, 594, L71
Allyson Bieryla November 25 b.m. gaensler, s.p. hendrick, s.p. reynolds and k.j. borkowski discovery of a new pulsar wind nebula in the large magellanic cloud ApJ(Letters), 594, L111-L114, 2003 September 10.