The Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy (CASA) is housed at three locations. On the main campus CASA is located on third floor of the C wing of Duane Physics Complex, and at the South End of the Stadium, at street level, between Gates 3 and 4.  On the East Campus, CASA's Astrophysical Research Lab is located at 1255 38th St.

If you are coming into Boulder on Route 36 from Denver or DIA turn at the first stoplight you reach in town.  That is Colorado avenue.

If you are going to CASA's laboratory (ARL) then turn right, go past the first stoplight.  ARL is the located on your left (north) at 38th street.  It is the low brick building near the street. It now has a new, pale green addition. Parking is unrestricted at ARL.
During construction, drive all the way around the building to the west side and come in through the loading dock.  CASA expects to move into the addition in the first week of August, 2004 after which the entrance will return to the north side of the building.
Webster Cash's office is the extreme northwest of the building.

CASA Duane
To reach CASA's Duane offices, turn left onto Colorado and drive up the hill, past two stoplights to near the stadium.  Duane Physics is the complex with two towers on the south side of the street.  Duane is an L-shape. CASA is at the northwest on the third floor. Webster's office is reached through the CASA office in C333. Parking is difficult on campus.

CASA Stadium
To reach CASA's Stadium offices, turn left onto Colorado and drive up the hill, past two stoplights to the stadium.  The offices are located at street level between gates 3 and 4. Parking is difficult on campus.


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