Epoch of Reionization

Paper # Titles
1 Constraints on Fundamental Cosmological Parameters with Upcoming Redshifted 21 cm Observations. (ADS)
2 Improving Foreground Subtraction in Statistical Observations of 21 cm Emission from the Epoch of Reionization. (ADS)
3 Statistical EOR detection and the Mileura Widefield Array.(ADS)
4 The Sensitivity of First-Generation Epoch of Reionization Observatories and Their Potential for Differentiating Theoretical Power Spectra.(ADS)
6 Toward Epoch of Reionization Measurements with Wide-Field Radio Observations(ADS)
7 Cosmology at low frequencies: The 21 cm transition and the high-redshift Universe.(ADS*)
8 Simulations and Analytic Calculations of Bubble Growth during Hydrogen Reionization.(ADS)
9 Cosmological Parameter Estimation Using 21 cm Radiation from the Epoch of Reionization.(ADS)
10 Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble: 21 cm measurements of the high-redshift universe.(ADS)
11 The 21-cm forest.(ADS)
12 The physics and early history of the intergalactic medium.(ADS)
13 The Reionization of the Universe by the First Stars and Quasars.(ADS)
14 Reading list from the MIT EOR Workshop (July 12-13, 2004) http://space.mit.edu/eor-workshop/.(PDF)
15 LOFAR Workshop (Useful EOR presentations).(Workshop)
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