CardTex: A business card macro for LaTeX

Credit for this macro belongs to Brian Moses of the University of Kentucky Math Dept who developed and published this macro. He has since moved on and has entrusted me as keeper of the macro.

Anyway, this macro can be used to print out 10 business cards on standard 8.5x11 cardstock (consult your local office supplies cabinet/store). It's easy to customize given a little knowledge of LaTeX and some fiddling. To include graphics on the cards, the source file uses psfig.tex, a very slick public domain macro written by Trevor J. Darrell.

I have had some trouble finding card stock and ended up printing four cards at a time on 5x8" unruled index cards scotch taped to a peice of reused 8 1/2x11 paper. This worked surprisingly well. A paper cutter makes the edges all square and neat.

Charles Danforth / # / Last Updated 1-14-2002