ASTR1020 Fall 2008 Dr. Duncan

Homework #9 Write on this and turn in at section meeting.                           


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1.  Describe a time when you used the scientific method in your everyday life (not in our class). Explain how your actions were an everyday example of the scientific method. Did you experiment? Gather data?  Were you skiing? Cooking?
















Design a scientific test of one of the two topics below. Please think carefully about your design, taking into account the characteristics of science and pseudoscience we have discussed in class.


  1. Astrology.  Astrologers say that the position of the moon and planets at the time of your birth influences many aspects of your character and how you feel. Certainly the moon affects the oceans, producing the tides. Your body is mostly water, so they say it would affect you as well.  Do you think this is true?  How could you test?


  1. Bias in hiring.  Some people believe that in today’s climate of affirmative action a person who is in a minority group is more likely to be hired for a typical job than a non-minority.  Some believe the opposite.  How could you scientifically test who is correct?


Because both situations involve people, and therefore the possibility of subconscious bias, you may want to consider the idea of using a control group, like we discussed in class when talking about how you would test a new headache pill. (continue on the back if more writing space needed).