Research Interests: Late-Type (Cool) Stars

line substitute

Stellar Atmospheres & Radiative Transfer

Non-LTE Line Formation (S-MULTI, PRISMA, MOLAR-3D)

Mass Loss from Cool Stars: Theory and Observation

Stellar Imager: UV Space 30 microarcsec Interferometry

M Supergiant Betelgeuse (M2 Iab alpha Orionis): Reference Model Atmosphere

Eclipsing Binary zeta Aurigae (KI4 Ib + B5 V): Semiempirical Atmosphere

Atmospheric Turbulence: Spatial Correlation Lengths

Space and Ground Based Observing


Far Ultraviolet Spectra: FUSE

Ultraviolet Spectra: GALEX, HST(GHRS, STIS), IUE

Infrared Diagnostics of Mass Loss: TEXES, SPITZER, Pheonix

Radio Observations: VLA, ATCA, OVRO, CARMA

An early attempt at observing

High Resolution Optical (McDonald Observatory with Seth Redfield)