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CCAT is an important partnership opportunity for CU, bringing two renowned schools, NASA's JPL, and foreign partners together to build a superb submillimeter observing facility to study the origins of galaxies, stars, and planets. CCAT will benefit both CU and Boulder's rich aerospace industry: it will spur technology development, provide CU students with hands-on observing opportunities, attract federal funding, and strengthen student and faculty recruiting.

More information can be found on Simon Radford's CCAT main page

CCCT Specifications:

  • 25m Diameter
  • 18,400 ft Elevation
  • 200µm-2.0mm Operation



< Vertex Antenna Design to be    used on the CCAT





Atmospheric Transmission:

As the driest location on Earth outside of Anarctica, the CCAT site high on top of Cerro Chajnantor is ideal for submillimeter observations