COOLNEWS is a monthly electronic newsletter whose purpose is to rapidly disseminate new research results dealing with cool stars and the sun. Abstracts are solicited for papers that have been recently submitted to or accepted by refereed journals and for recent Ph.D. theses. The subject matter should pertain directly to F,G,K,M,L stars, cool substellar objects such as brown dwarfs, or the sun. Both theoretical and observational abstracts are appropriate. A monthly call for abstracts will be issued by e-mail and abstracts received by the last day of the month will normally appear in the following month's newsletter.

Announcements of general interest to the cool star and solar communities may also be submitted for posting in COOLNEWS. These might include (but are not restricted to) the following: (i) Job Openings directed toward cool star or solar researchers, (ii) announcements of Upcoming Meetings, (iii) announcements of Upcoming Observing Campaigns for which participation is solicited from the community at large, and (iv) General Announcements that provide or request research-related information.

To subscribe (or unsubscribe) send your request to the editor, Steve Skinner, at . To prepare a contribution, read the instructions to authors.

This set of hot pages was created by the newsletter editor, Steve Skinner (CASA, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder).
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