ASTR 1040 

  Introductory Astronomy 2


Fall 2017


The Final Exam will be on Saturday December 16 at 1:30-4:00pm in our usual classroom.

General Information:

         Approximate Lecture Schedule
       Observatory Sessions
         Lecture Notes

Lecture Times

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:45 in the  Duane  G131 given by Prof Cash unless there is a Planetarium or Exam

The Teaching Assistant is Dennis Tilipman, Duane E122,   (note : just one  "n"  in  Denis)

Recitation times 1:00-1:50, 2:00-2:50 Tuesdays

Planetarium Dates

On four occasions we will visit the Fiske Planetarium instead of a lecture.  This is an amazing facility and not to be missed!

September 5, September 26, October 31  December 5

Help With Exams:
           Sample First Exam             Review Sheet for First Exam
Sample Second Exam        Review Sheet for Second Exam
Sample Third Exam           Review Sheet for Third Exam

Problem Sets:

There are about six problem sets to be worked out with pencil and paper and turned in to be graded.  Prof Cash will set the due-date for each and post it here when it is appropriate. 

 Problem Set #1
Due September 14
 Problem Set #2

Due September 28

Problem Set # 3       Spreadsheet

Due October 19

Problem Set #4

Due October 26

Problem Set #5   solarsystem.txt   milkyway.txt
Due November 30


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